• City Breaks In Germany: Munich, Berlin And Frankfurt

    City Breaks In Germany: Munich, Berlin And Frankfurt

    Berlin Today Berlin is a creative, dynamic place to visit with museums, theatres, many bars, cubs and restaurants. A city which was at the grim heart of 20th century European history, the Berlin of today has a tendency not to take itself too seriously. Transport To reach Berlin by air, you will probably have to make a connection through Amsterdam or Frankfurt. Not many direct flights arrive in the city. The Train service in Germany is extremely efficient, you can get to Berlin from other European countries this way. The bus is also an option. The city itself has an underground system to help you get around, it is also cycle and pedestrian friendly. The East part of the city is served by a tram. Weather Berlin winter is between November and March and can be cold below zero. Throughout the rest of the year, rain is often a possibility. Attractions & Events February brings the worlds second largest Film Festival to Berlin known as the Berlinale. 10 days of festival fun with concerts and operas takes place in April for Festage. Popular gay festival day, Christopher Street Day is…

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  • Ten Things to Do in London

    Ten Things to Do in London

    If you're planning a vacation to London, be sure to take advantage of this wonderful city with so much to offer. London is brimming with an array of exciting things to do and things to see for all ages and tastes. As one of the culture capitals of the world, London holds sight seeing and tourist adventures that you can't experience anywhere else. Get the most out of your London vacation and let it loose by visiting these ten must see things to do in London! 1. The British Museum. Sir Hans Sloane had contributed his mass collection of over 71,000 interesting items when the British Museum was founded in 1753. In the nineteenth century, the museum began to flourish, increasing its inventory of interesting items to over seven million; many of these items are over 10,000 years old. The British Museum's charter had insisted that the museum remain open free of charge to all those curious and studious persons who wish to enter. Spend and astounding afternoon wandering the eternal corridors and discover some of mankind's greatest cultural achievements and explore the great relics of the Greek and Egyptian…

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